Greenacres Auto Maintenance and Repair Tips: Battery Replacement

auto maintenance and repair greenacresAre you concerned there may be something wrong with your vehicle’s battery in Greenacres? Most standard car batteries will last about four years, but this timeframe can vary depending on several important factors. Exposure to extremely high or low temperatures can have a negative impact on your battery’s lifespan, as can frequent, short trips. But when should you schedule an appointment with an auto maintenance and repair specialist? Typically, you should contact a professional if you notice any of the following.

Check Engine Light Activation

Has your check engine light recently activated? While an auto maintenance technician will have to run diagnostics to determine the underlying cause, this warning often comes on when there’s an issue with your vehicle’s battery. Fortunately, engine diagnostics don’t take long at all to complete.

Slow Engine Cranking

A sluggish engine that is slow to crank is a clear sign you should schedule auto maintenance. While this problem could indicate a few different issues, one of the most common is a failing battery. At the very least, you should have a technician test your battery to rule it out as a potential cause.

Battery Case Swelling

Another sign of trouble is battery case swelling. Most commonly caused by high temperatures, this is absolutely a reason to make an appointment with an auto maintenance technician. Avoid messing with the battery yourself, as leaking fluids can be hazardous.

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