Auto Repair Dashboard Warning Lights Every Driver Should Know in Spokane


dashboard warning lights Spokane

How familiar are you with your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights in Spokane, Washington? These warnings help you know when auto repair and maintenance is required. Don’t ignore a dashboard light when it activates, as doing so can result in damage to your car or truck and put you and your passengers at risk. Have an auto technician examine your vehicle as soon as possible. Stop at a local shop for every warning light. Here are some of the most important.

Engine Light

The check engine light can mean a wide variety of things. Some can be fixed quickly, while other will require more extensive auto repair. This warning is depicted as an engine and required immediate diagnosis. Depending on the issue, you may experience a loss of power when it activates.

Oil Light

Regular oil changes are an important part of proper vehicle maintenance. If you miss an appointment, your vehicle will usually let you know. This light, often depicted as an oil can, will activate when it’s time to head back to the auto repair shop for service. It can also indicate your oil pressure is too low. 

Brake System Light

The warning light for your brake system isn’t quite as obvious. It’s usually depicted as an exclamation mark inside parenthesis. When this light activates, stop for auto repair service as soon as possible. Your brakes may need to be repaired or replaced. 

Dashboard Warning Lights Signal Auto Maintenance

Don’t wait to schedule the auto repair or maintenance when you see warning lights. The pros at Downtown Auto Specialists have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address your vehicle needs quickly and efficiently. You can also rely on our shop for superior Volkswagen repair and Subaru repair!

Dashboard Warning Light Experts in Spokane

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