Important Colbert Tire Maintenance Information

tire maintenanceDo you need to speak with an auto tire maintenance expert about your vehicle in Colbert? Avoid expensive auto repair by taking care of manufacturer recommended maintenance in a timely manner. Here’s the tire maintenance info need to know if you want to do the right thing by your tires.

Weather Impacts Air Pressure

Most people don’t realize that the weather greatly impacts your vehicle’s tires. A temperature shift of only 10 degrees can change your tire’s air pressure. It’s never a good idea to drive with low pressure, especially in bad weather conditions. As the seasons change, take time to visit an auto shop to speak with a Colbert auto tire expert.

Tire Rotations Are Necessary

Over time, your tires will wear down as you drive. This is why you or a Colbert auto tire expert should check the tread regularly. Your tires don’t wear evenly, however. To help them last longer, ask an auto repair technician to rotate them. You should schedule this tire maintenance service every 5,000 to 7,000 miles driven.

New Tires Go On the Back

In some cases, you may find that only one or two tires need to be replaced. When you take your vehicle in for this auto service, ask the Colbert auto tire expert to put the new ones on the back. This will help you maintain more control over your car or truck, especially if it’s raining or icy.

Looking for a Colbert Auto Tire Expert?

Are you looking for a tire maintenance expert who serves clients in Colbert? Now that you’re a little more familiar with your vehicle’s tires, you know how important proper maintenance is. Contact Downtown Auto Specialists in Spokane to speak with a professional today. We’ve served the Colbert area years! Our highly trained technicians offer expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. You can also count on us Volkswagen repair and Subaru repair services.

Colbert Auto Tire Experts

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